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Motherhood is one of the experiences in life that women know will shape their lives forever.

Motherhood is one of the experiences in life that women know will shape their lives forever. It is also a time when the shape of their body changes in ways they never thought possible. This is why it has been said that aging naturally is an art form. Unfortunately, it is also not something that people feel they have a great deal of control over. Their looks are inherited and may be altered by life changing events.

Plastic surgeons in California have perfected what they call the ultimate mommy makeover in Los Angeles for women who wish to return to their pre-baby bodies. Often they desire to have a body that is even better than the one they had back when they were young and single. Either way, Pasadena Surgeons work to make sure this is a safe and attainable reality for their patients.


The best mommy makeover Los Angeles begins with a consultation so a surgeon can speak with their prospective patient. This initial appointment will also include a physical examination and a look at the patient’s medical past. While this may seem excessive to some, being thorough is something good doctors pride themselves on in their surgical careers.

At this point, a potential patient can ask the doctor about procedures they are interested in. It could be a breast lift to raise sagging breasts or implants to augment their size. Women with large breasts that find them uncomfortable might ask more about breast reduction surgery and its recovery period. It is not surprising that after breastfeeding, mothers find that their breasts barely look as they once did.

Another facet is to understand what is a mommy makeover as patients have many requests and concerns for different parts of the body, including the stomach area. Abdominal muscles can stretch out considerably in the nine months of a pregnancy. After a child is born, these muscles may not contract and allow the mid-section to become relatively flat. This results in women being asked if they are with child, years after their children have been born. It is an embarrassing situation many women find themselves in unnecessarily.

Plastic surgeons perform what is known as a tummy tuck to remake the abdominal area. Muscles are reattached internally, and excess skin can be safely removed. When recovery is completed, moms of children of all ages find that they can wear that bikini again without fear. To learn more, visit the web pages of Pasadena Surgeons. This website features information on an assortment of surgical procedures, along with photographs that patients can look to for answers.

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